10 Reasons to Cross Country Ski

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10 Reasons to Cross Country Ski

Check out the following ten reasons why you must give XC a go this winter.

  1. It is easy to learn
  2. It is a lifelong activity; you can begin at an early age and keep on skiing through to later in life.
  3. XC skiing is conducive to a healthy lifestyle and a taste for adventure.
  4. It is a low impact, full-body workout that builds core strength, balance and coordination – one of the best cardiovascular exercises known!
  5. XC Skiing is so enjoyable you come away feeling happier, healthier and energised.
  6. It’s a social sport that family and friends can enjoy XC skiing together.
  7. A wonderful opportunity to get out and enjoy the Australian alpine environment.
  8. XC Skiing is relatively inexpensive compared to other snow sports.
  9. Something for everyone – racing, exploring, track skiing, ski play, backcountry, telemarking and snow play.
  10. Get away from the crowds and enjoy the peace and tranquillity on xc skis.

Courtesy of discoverxcski.com


Cross Country (XC) skiing can be a great alternative for families to the alpine disciplines. If you have missed the discounted season passes for the resorts and you are looking for a very active winter, then XC skiing is the answer. The ACT XC program has an on-snow program for children wanting to develop their skills.  The program can develop children for competitive XC racing or provide an introduction to the sport. For instance, the program includes a 3-day camp during the school holidays that is available for all abilities.

XC skiing could also be an alternative for the whole family as later starts and no lift queues are a feature of the XC trails. The website discoverxc.com.au is the starting point for all XC information.

 Thanks to discoverxcski and Phil Bell for the content for this week’s blog and e-newsletter.
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