7 of Manuela’s Favourite Snow Fitness Exercises

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7 of Manuela’s Favourite Snow Fitness Exercises

Two-time Winter Olympian Manuela Berchtold is the owner and founder of Snow Fitness, an online ski and snowboard fitness program business designed for people who don’t like to go the gym and don’t have access to fitness equipment. Their snow fitness programs can be done at anytime, anywhere by people of all fitness and skill levels.

To avoid that leg burn feeling when you have your first on snow after a break, Manuela shares some advice to get snow fit.

7 of Manuela’s Favourite Snow Fitness Exercises

1. Body Weight Squat Body Weight Squat

2. Snow Fitness Squat Tuck Challenge

Squat Tuck

3. Single Leg Squat

Single Leg Squat

4. Clock Face Lunges

Clock Face Lunges

5. Mogul Ski Jumps

Mogul Ski Jumps

6. Explosive Jump Squats

Explosive Jumps

7. Aeroplane Balance Hold

Aeroplane body hold

Step by step exercise guide (PDF)

As there are so many different fitness and strength levels out there, try any of these 3 workout options and incorporate these 7 exercises into your workout.

Remember to always do a warm up, a cool down and a stretch.

1 – Make it a circuit

Complete 30 seconds of each exercise continuously, this will take 3.5 minutes, rest for 90 seconds and repeat. Repeat the entire circuit 3 -5 times which will give you a nice leg burn workout!

2 – Repetitions

Do approximately 20-25 repetitions of each exercise 3-5 times.

3 – Randomly throw them in!

Randomly just throw a set of an exercise in amongst your day… do this whenever, wherever and anytime, anywhere!

(In the office, whilst cooking dinner, in an elevator, waiting at the bus stop or train station, waiting at the airport, etc)

Tips for all Exercises

  • Keep knees in line with big toes to ensure correct alignment therefore avoiding injuries.
  • Keep best posture possible throughout all exercises.
  • Keep your core strong by engaging your abdominal muscles with each exercise, this will not only give you a great core workout but also protect your back.
  • Listen to your body… you know it the best!

More about Snow Fitness

Sign up to the Snow Fitness Free Trial as this will give you 3 Free Sessions to have forever.

The 3 Free sessions include a 31 minute circuit session, a core session and a stretching session. They are yours to keep and therefore you can revisit and use them often, anywhere and anytime!

The beauty of the Snow Fitness programs and sessions are that they require just you and your body, no gym or equipment. There is so much variety and you will challenge your body in several ways!

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