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8 Top Tips for the Interschools Championships

  1. Have Fun!! Enjoy the event, help everyone else enjoy the event too…
  • Interschools is important, but not a World Cup. Keep things in perspective. Be a good sport
  • Most of the people there are volunteers. Be grateful & say thanks, especially if you didn’t volunteer this year
  • Allow extra time: queues, weather & locations change. Check for schedule changes. Be on time. No excuses.


  1. First time?
  • Watch the promo video
  • Ensure each child is capable of racing and finishing. Coercing kids into events beyond their ability hurts kids
  • Practice in gates. Attend race clinics. Don’t let the race be the first time in gates


  1. Parents: the most important things you can do
  • One kid will be fastest, probably not yours. Praise effort and participation, rather than winning or losing
  • Define success with your kid, achievable with effort: finish without falling, beat a mate, have fun, medal if capable
  • Rather than shouting words like ‘fast as you can’, help them prepare (#5) with calm, positive encouragement
  • Don’t get caught in yapping about the course being icy/rutted/whatever- people work each other into a frenzy & stress the racers for no benefit. Instead, help your racer calmly prepare & keep perspective. See the story below


  1. Competitors: Perform a thorough course inspection
  • Think about how you’ll approach your run. Look for and remember tricky gates and key features
  • Know your start time. Leave time to inspect, get through queues, to the start, to calmly warm up. No excuses


  1. Prepare before your run: before you’re called in line, stop idle chat & find some space
  • Check your equipment
  • Stretch. Warm up. Breathe. Do what helps you calmly focus, not what makes you stressed
  • Run through the course in your mind, rehearse key sections, think positive: mindset matters
  • If you are late, don’t panic: don’t rush, take time for these steps, and ask politely when you can start


  1. If you want to finish first, you first have to finish. Stay upright. Stay in control
  • Cars can’t go full speed around tight corners: neither can you. Stay in control
  • Choose your race line & speed to suit the conditions: ruts form, snow builds up. Look ahead. Stay in control


  1. Problems on the course
    a. If you think you missed a gate
  • BOTH feet must pass between each gate & the side of the course (the ‘Gate Line’) one or more times
  • If you walk back to a gate, you need only pass the ‘gate line’ (don’t need to go right around the gate)
  • You may ask the gate judge if you have correctly passed the gate

b. If you are obstructed or think you need a re-run

  • Stop! Report to nearest gate judge then finish referee.
  • Do NOT finish: if you finish, you will not get a re-run

c. Falling & finishing

  • The best racers fall too. Get back up and keep going. Your team needs your finish time to get a result
  • If you fall at or after the last gate, you may finish without your skis/snowboard/poles
  • If you fall anywhere else, you must put your skis/board back on before continuing


  1. If there is a problem
  • Take time to cool off if you’re mad, before talking to anyone. Tantrums lose respect & look stupid (yes, we see you)
  • Ask your team manager to talk respectfully to the appropriate official. Respect their decision.
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