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Skiers and Snowboarders young and old talk of the Balmain Cup with affection. The Balmain Cup has been running for 85 years and is the oldest interclub snowsports competition in Australia.

It is a friendly but hard fought meeting of skiers and snowboarders and is worth keeping.

The cup was donated in 1936 by the Balmain brothers, who, in those days, ran a bus service in the Snowy. The Balmain bothers involvement in the event ended long ago – but their cup goes on.

Back in the pre-lift days of downhilling, the race was held at such places as Mt Franklin, Cabramurra and Kiandra. When races completed a run, they climbed to the top again with skins on their skis. Today’s competitors would not consider racing under such primitive conditions!

The race consists of a slalom, giant slalom, snowboard giant slalom and cross country run. Each club can enter six racers in each discipline, and the best four times are taken. When the four disciplines have been completed, the club with the best overall performance is declared the winner.

Balmain Cup 75th Anniversary Booklet
THE BALMAIN CUP – 50 years booklet

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