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Time to tune up for the season!

In a perfect world, you had your skis tuned in the spring for summer storage. If not (you’re not alone here), it would be wise to get a tune up before you hit the slopes; you don’t want your first run to be on rust-covered edges. A general rule of thumb on maintaining skis and snowboard: If you’ve ridden five times on your equipment, it’s time for a tune-up. An expert wax and sharpening gives you more control for turning and stopping and helps you glide effortlessly downhill. A good tune can make a day on the slopes vastly more fun; you carve more and skid less.

We catch up with Josh from Adrenalin Boardstore to pick his brain about the importance of tuning your equipment:

Why should skiers and snowboarders get their equipment tuned?

To put it simply, if you don’t tune your gear, then it won’t live up to its performance levels. If the edges aren’t tuned, you’re more likely to catch an edge and you won’t be carving as smoothly. Secondly, you should wax your board or skis for protection. The underside is skin; it needs moisturising. This will keeps your gear running at the optimal level.

How often would you recommend getting a tune-up?

How often you tune-up depends on the snow conditions and how often you ride. Weekend warriors should probably get it done every second week. If you’re riding more often, then wax and edge every four or five rides. But really it’s down to personal preference. You can get it done as often or as little as you want. Often you can feel your gear running a bit slower or sloppier and then you know it’s time for a wax. Working in a boardshop, I do it after every ride.

Is it expensive?

You can do it yourself, that’ll cost you a couple of hundred bucks to set up. Or most shops will charge about $20 for a wax and $10 to edge – it’s much cheaper than servicing you car.

What are your top tips for looking after your gear?

Always keep it dry after riding. However, don’t put it directly on a heat source. Keep away from mould and moisture – wipe down or dry off your board after each ride. Common sense prevails – the more you care for your gear the longer it will last.


Where to go for a tune-up in Canberra:

Adrenalin Boardstore, Fyshwyck

Straitline Ski and Scuba, Fyshwyck

Belconnen Ski n Board, Belconnen

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